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What Is Art?

Humans use creative skill and imagination to produce works that express and evoke emotion and generate aesthetic beauty.

Why Study Art?

The Art concentration at Perimeter College is the largest and most comprehensive of any associate degree program in Georgia, offering courses in art history, drawing, photography, computer design, painting, ceramics, sculpture and portfolio that enable students to explore passions and career interests beyond basic levels. Creative visual thinking is brought to life by a faculty of professional artists who expand skills and talents.

The Art concentration prepares students for transfer to four-year programs or for careers as professional artists. Faculty members train students for creative work and scholarship through rigorous course offerings and exceptional facilities. An emphasis on portfolio preparation in all classes makes Perimeter College graduates highly successful in transferring to bachelor degree programs.

Perimeter College’s galleries and visiting artists bring the students and public in contact with art from around the world, while exchange and study abroad programs offer students the opportunity to study in cultures with varied approaches to the visual arts. ​

For more information about the required courses in Art at Perimeter College, view the Art Advisement Form   or our online catalog.